Sirona Recovery | Hope for You or Your Loved One
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We accept most major insurance plans.


San Clemente




Huntington Beach & Laguna Niguel


Rancho Santa Fe


San Clemente & Rancho Sante Fe


San Juan Capistrano


Saddleback Recovery

Rancho Santa Fe

California (Coming Soon)

Sirona Center


South Carolina (Coming Soon)


Making the decision to break your addiction is the most
important one you will ever make.

It is choosing keep and even mend relationships. It empowers you to have control over your life and avoid a downward spiral of chaos. Do not wait to regain your life.

We are committed to the safety, comfort, and success of every resident that comes to us seeking treatment. As such, we provide clients with all of the resources they need to sustain a life without drugs and alcohol, and recover from addiction, as well as provide the tools to help them learn how to enjoy life again. We work closely with every resident to ensure the best care for each individual.

All our programs are approved by The Joint Commission

gold seal joint commission
I will always remember the first day in treatment when I had my spiritual awakening and a taste of hope. Now I have a clear roadmap to staying sober and living a better quality life without alcohol. First Steps gave me the tools I needed to work my program of recovery and get back on my feet. –Brett



Visit One of the Sirona Behavioral Health Programs

Sirona Center (Charleston, SC)

First Steps Recovery (Fresno/Clovis & Woodland Hills, CA)

Socal Detox (San Clemente, CA)

Ocean Ranch Recovery (Rancho Sante Fe, CA)

Beach City Treatment (Huntington Beach & Laguna Niguel, CA)

Shoreline Treatment (San Clemente & Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

Saddleback Recovery (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

South Shores Recovery (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Are you ready to make the choice that will change your life?

If you or your loved one are ready to find freedom from the chaos of addiction, we are here to help you take the next step. Help is only a phone call away.